Lengyel Toulouse Architects

Royal City of Naga in Sudan

Ksn pub 01

“Die Gestaltung der Vision Naga - Designing Naga's Vision“, pp. 163-175, figs. 210-212, in: Karla Kröper, Sylvia Schoske, Dietrich Wildung (eds.): "Königsstadt Naga, Grabungen in der Wüste des Sudan. Naga Royal City, Excavations in the desert of the Sudan", 230 pages, 234 illustrations, 2 fold-out plates, Naga-Projekt Berlin, Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst München, Munich - Berlin 2011, ISBN 978-3-9814386-0-4. The bilingual publication accompanying the exhibition of the same name presents the results of 15 years of work in Naga, its architecture and the previously unpublished finds. With contributions by K. Kröper, J. Kuckertz, T. Bauer, J. Hamann, D. Lengyel, C. Toulouse, C. Rilly, D. Wildung and David Chipperfield Architects, among others.

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