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Royal City of Naga in Sudan

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Blick aus dem Amuntempel (Ausschnitt)

Visualisation of the city of Naga, exhibited from April to July 2011 in "Royal City of Naga" at the State Museum of Egyptian Art in Munich and from August 2011 to January 2012 in "Royal City of Naga" at the Kunstforum of the Berliner Volksbank.

„The finds in Naga range from completely preserved architectural remains to traces in the sand as the imprint of a ground plan. The task was to integrate these extremely heterogeneous findings into a credible overall impression of the city. Bringing together such different levels of abstraction means moving both sides towards each other, hypothetically supplementing what is uncertain and abstracting what is certain, both to the smallest possible extent until both can exist side by side.“ (see publication)

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