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Construction phases of the Palatine in Rome during the Imperial period

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Domus Severiana im 2. Jahrhundert n. Chr.

Visualisation of the construction phases of the Palatine in Rome during the imperial period, film 5:38 minutes, exhibited June to September 2012 in "Beyond the Horizon", exhibition of the Cluster of Excellence TOPOI, funded by the German Research Foundation DFG, in cooperation with the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Pergamon museum, as well as in the Bonn Science Center, 2014

„Modelling abstract architecture is a design process in which new forms have to be found, which on the one hand have to stand for certain architectural concepts and on the other hand have to be able to reflect the openness contained in the hypothesis. A model is always abstracted, but at different stages. First of all, materiality and polychromy are excluded, since both could only be authentically reproduced on preserved surfaces and would therefore be largely fictitious.“ (Dominik Lengyel, Antike Welt Spezial, p. 55)

Link to the publication „Die Bauphasen des Palatin in Rom“

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Circus Maximus im 3. Jahrhundert n. Chr.
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Übersichtsdarstellung 1. Jahrhundert n. Chr.
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