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Ideal church of the Würzburg Prince Bishop Julius Echter

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Visualisation of Julius Echter's ideal church based on the hypothesis of Prof. Dr. Barbara Schock-Werner, former cathedral architect, exhibited 25 June - 24 September 2017 in "Julius Echter - Patron of the Arts" in the Martin von Wagner Museum of the University of Würzburg in the Würzburg Residence, film 7:46 minutes, in the museum on an autostereoscopic display.

„Julius Echter's historical ideal has not been preserved; it can only be reconstructed indirectly. In the textual description, the ideal church results from the recitation of the most frequent and most typical individual components, as an amalgamation in a single church building such as was never built. In the exhibition, an attempt was made to translate this description into a spatial, and even more so, a virtually accessible model.“ (see publication)

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