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Construction phases of Cologne Cathedral and its predecessors

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Visualisation of the construction phases of Cologne Cathedral and its predecessor buildings, film 13:26 minutes, permanent installation since May 2010 in the access area to the tower ascent and archaeological zone of Cologne Cathedral, exhibited March 2010 - January 2011 in the 2010 State Exhibition of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in the Romano-Germanic Museum of the City of Cologne

„By compensating for small deviations and inaccuracies, the architects who drew them created, in a way, ideal images of the respective realised architecture. This book aims to present the development of the cathedral's construction. It is an attempt to show people interested in the history of the cathedral and the development of Western architecture the changes in the city and the growth of the building. This is why three-dimensional images were created. However, it was essential to avoid the impression that every stone, every profile and every pillar was known exactly how it looked. For this reason, any surface realism was avoided and stone structure, wall reliefs, but above all colour was renounced.“ (Barbara Schock-Werner, Quelle siehe Publikation)

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Übersichtsdarstellung mit archäologischen Befunden aus römischer und merowingischer Zeit 7.–9. Jahrhundert
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